Pamela’s Journey


Frankie is 12 years old, she has power to light up your day even when your down, she teaches us life is precious and short and to cherish every moment, despite all of her challenges, she awakens each day with a smile. Francesca suffers from a Neurological disease called Rett Syndrome,she also has an additional […]

Nicole’s Journey


Our story started with Mikey being wished for with every birthday candle blowout , every shooting star, every prayer in every religion ! Ten years and thousands of dollars later , I was pregnant!! Perfect pregnancy (after a scare the first month). Amazing baby shower with 100 people , it was all I dreamed of. […]

Jeannine’s Journey


My son Liam was born in February  of 2008. He appeared to be a normal baby. At six months old however we noticed that he wasn’t gaining weight. I was told that it was reflux and not to worry. At nine months the weight was still very much an issue but we started to take notice […]

Chris & Ken’s Journey


Mckenna  was born in February  2005 at 37 weeks. The pregnancy was complicated by polyhydramnious (too much amniotic fluid), and she was delivered via c/section. She did not look so great at birth and did not want to breathe. She had apgar scores of 2, 5 and finally a 9 at ten minutes. After 48 hours […]

Shannon’s Journey


When I was growing up I always wanted to have a little girl and a little boy when I got married. Doesn’t everyone??  Well, I got two boys and I couldn’t have been happier. When my oldest son Sean (5) was not meeting his milestones in words and talking his doctor suggested he be put […]

Newsmakers 2017


Newsmakers  began the New Year by featuring a brand new organization in our area, “Brighter Journeys”.  The organization is designed to meet the needs of parents who have children with special needs. It was formed by a group of families who hope to provide children with a Brighter Journey in life. The monthly Public Affairs program was hosted by Jayne Ann Bugda […]

2017 Egg Hunt

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Hundreds of local special needs children got a terrific treat Wednesday. They took part in an Easter egg hunt inside Mohegan Sun Pocono. 600 kids accompanied by parents or caregivers got to pick-up the easy-to- find eggs that each contained a treat. They also posed for photos with the Easter bunny. The Easter egg hunt […]

Brighter Journeys Gives Away Its First Item


Brighter Journeys purchases a special bike for a little 8-year-old girl from Drums Juliann Tompkins suffers from a rare disease called Cockayne syndrome, and her mom says it could kill her by her 12th birthday. She hasn’t been able to ride a bike, but now with this special new tricycle, they can go on family outings together, and […]